Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

Radiant Goddess Gathering                                             



Connect to the Divine Feminine in You

Bring out more of your Radiance and Light into your relationships 

and into the world

The "Feminine" IS Love, Light, Acceptance, Creativity and Flow! 

 What we will do and what you will learn

  • Movement as a meditation practice - connecting to the feminine – rejuvenate and express
  • Communication  practices with your "sisters" increasing your ability to express authentically, feel seen and heard for who you are,  and become a better listener
  • How to bring more of your feminine radiance into your careers, responsibilities, goals and accomplishments so you are not so exhausted and depleted. Balance career, family, and self care so you are revitalized and fulfilled.
  • Learn to stay open, loving, and connected even when you feel like shutting down. Understand the masculine better and how to express yourself and your needs.        

    Whether you are in a”couple” relationship or not, this will help with all of your relationships. We spend so much time in our masculine energy; we get out of balance and drained. It even decreases sexual polarity. The Feminine IS Love and Light.  Connect to your loving Essence and shine your brightest. 



Radiant Goddess Gathering       Facilitated by Linda Robinson

Saturday May 20, 2017 10 am – 4 pm

Linda’s home 5342 Auburn Dr. SD 92105
Pot Luck Lunch 

$125 in advance by May 5     $175 after May 5

Register at 619-222-2543 or Registration      








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