Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

Kensho- Day of Awakening


       facilitated by Linda Robinson



For those who love Illumination and Enlightenment Intensives

“Kensho -Day of Awakening" is a brilliant experiential Seminar – derived from the Enlightenment/ Illumination technique transformed in a way that does not need a monastic, residential setting and still produces a high number of direct experiences.

Experience the Truth of Who You Are/What You Are/What Life is/What Another is and potentially "Melt into Direct Experience" in a relaxed, supportive, loving environment.


 December 2, 2017
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuition $175 by Nov. 15
$250 Regular price 
Enrollment limited to 18 people
$50 deposit to hold your space

Linda’s home

5342 Auburn Dr
San Diego, CA. 92105



Clear your head and your heart to make room for what is alive for you. Get deeply connected to who you are in all of your magnificence, depth and inner peace
“Kensho” is the initial awakenings, insights, enlightenment experiences.

Find and ground within yourself the eye of the storm. A resolute center so that you have an inner strength to be able to handle all that life brings to your front door.

Authentically living and expressing real self-confidence, real openness, real integrity.

• Show up Fully and Authentically as You.
• Increase your ability for self-expression and Love.
• Increase passion and direction in your life.
• Gain congruency, contentment and joy in Life.
• Experience divinity and profound unity with all that is.

If you like Enlightenment/ Illumination Intensives or Sesshin Retreats, come join us. The day consists of partnered Meditation and communication- Introspection, de-identifying, clearing the mind and coming to Union with Truth and Your deepest Self .

Linda Robinson is a mind clearing practitioner, coach and enlightenment master helping bring out what is authentic in people and igniting their passion for life.

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