Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

Get Real 

 2-Day Awakening Experience


                                                                      facilitated by Linda Robinson


Increased ability for self expression and Love

Increased passion and direction in your life

More congruency, contentment and joy in Life

Experience divinity and profound unity with all that is

More effective and satisfying communication and relationships ___________________________________________________________________________

·        It will clear your head and your heart to make room for what is alive for you.

·        It's a taunt, a pinch, a wink, a poke... a friendly invitation to discover who you really are. And even if you already know who you really are, Get Real is about aligning your life so it expresses this authentically in the world.

·        It's about finding and grounding within yourself the eye of the storm. A resolute center so that you have an inner strength to be able to handle all that life brings to your front door.

·        Get Real is about authentically living and expressing real self confidence, real openness, real integrity.

Learn about the 5 suicide poisons and get the 5 antidotes for real aliveness

        This is for YOU if....

  • You love Enlightenment and Illumination Intensives.
  • You like Dyad work and partnered communication
  • You enjoy deep connection with like minded people
  • You enjoy or want to experience deep meditation
  • You have a yearning to discover "Who you are" at your depth
  • You are interested in Personal Growth and Lasting Breakthroughs

Facilitated by Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson is a Breakthrough Coach and Enlightenment master helping bring out what is authentic in people, igniting their passion for life, and helping them to live their greatness and full potential.

The 2 Day “Get Real”

San Diego - June 24 & 25, 2017

9:30am - 7:00pm Sat.
9:30am - 5:00pm Sun.

Location:  City Heights Area

5342 Auburn Dr.
San Diego, Ca. 92105

   early enrollment pricing $275  through June1

Tuition: $345 after June 1

Register Early.  Only 18 spots available

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