Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

  Awakening to Truth Presents  

The 4 Day Illumination Intensive

Facilitated by Linda Robinson

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Tell Me Who You Are!     Tell Me What You Are!

Tell Me What Life Is! 
Tell Me What Another Is! 
Imagine spending 4 days with no distractions, away from your normal life, in a retreat (almost monastery) setting, focusing on the truth of YOURSELF, LIFE and OTHERS.  Imagine what can awaken in you. What new depths of self-discovery you could experience and Live in your life thereafter.  The Enlightenment Intensive is an opportunity for you to give that sacred and necessary time of introspection to yourself.


We work on a simple meditative technique that was taken from Zen and has been producing Enlightenments (Direct Union with Truth/the Devine) since before the time of Buddha. This process as we do it was created by Charles Berner, and combines contemplation with communication.  This method has been available since 1968 and consistently provides the conditions to allow participants to awaken. Traditionally,a large percentage of the people who attend have an actual Enlightenment Experience.


No climbing Himalayan mountains. No years of monastic practice.  No fasts or self-flagellation. Instead...


The Illumination Intensive will give you four days of a simple
practice that will allow you to peel away everything that is not
authentically you, to drop away all your invisible barriers to
enlightenment, and perhaps, as many do, to experience a pure,
direct realization of the deep Truth of who you are.


The practice is startlingly and beautifully simple.  You don't have to have any meditation experience. You don't have to "believe" anything or know anything beforehand. You could be a first-timer or an advanced master. This practice works with any philosophy, spiritual path or lack of spiritual path. Though it is simple it is not easy.  You will come up against barriers and be challenged. We can and will support you to persist to "Truth".


It is extremely profound and you are worth it.


You only have to participate.

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